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8 comments | Sunday, November 05, 2006

Functional Piercing

While doing research for prior posts about web shops that "sell" Cyborg equipment and augments I found this site quite interesting.

Shannon Larratt from BMEzine.com wrote a very interesting article on how piercing can be more then just decorative art. It can actually serve a purpose, just like pierced tongue (go for it ladies).

I also wear an eye piece so this approach to the classic "problem" of that is the best way we can augment our eyesite is interesting to me.
One distinct problem with this approach is that to many people still distrust or are disgusted by a thought of inserting a foreign object into their body.

But this is a completely different debate.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I recently found a very interesting website:
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1:45 PM

Blogger Mario said...

i want new EYES :)

3:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

http://alreadylinked.com/ is full of spyware, malware and junk. Steer clear!!!!!

5:13 PM

Anonymous Dale Cruse said...

So at night, do you have to unscrew your glasses to take them off for bed?

7:04 PM

Blogger NccWarp9 said...

Thanks for the warning
(http://alreadylinked.com/ )

7:23 PM

Blogger -=BLAYD=- said...

lame.. unless they were easy to take off/put on.. like magnets or soemthing..

but still.. ugh.. I hate piercings..

9:37 PM

Blogger NccWarp9 said...

well I liked the idea, execution of the idea could have been better.

11:11 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a great idea... until they get caught on something. I hope they're breakaway.

4:30 PM


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